Tara C.

I took the Accomplishment Coaching coach training and leadership development program 3 years after my husband. He originally took the program to support a business that we had started in 2011. I saw a huge shift in how he was being after just a few months. He talked to me, our children, our staff and our customers in a new way that really worked well! I could see that he was getting a whole lot more from the program than just how to be a coach. He was transforming into a more elevated, powerful and open-hearted version of himself and I LOVED this new version! I decided to take the program for myself for the purpose of having my own personal transformational experience. I did not expect to fall in love with coaching or have this level of continued growth that pleasantly surprises me day after day. That business that we started back in 2011 is alive and well today, we are also building a successful coaching firm that has quadrupled our income while spending more time with our 3 teenage children than ever before. I still work very closely with my Accomplishment Coaching teams as they have become my family and my support structures that help me create, quite literally, the life of my dreams.