Melanie P.

There are so many training programs available when looking to become a coach. I chose Accomplishment Coaching in 2017, because there was a promise for support in every angle of the work- how to coach people, how to start a business, how to lead a team, and the ability to experience coaching for my own life. I received all of these in the program. I started out with no experience in any of those areas, and I finished my year with a strong foundation to have a successful career. The thing I’ve really enjoyed has been the opportunity to continue growing with the community. I have stayed to continue my training and development in the Leadership Development Program, and that’s where I’ve really been able to create a sustainable business and a powerful and dynamic style to my coaching. I’ve achieved earning my Professional Certified Coach credential from the International Coaching Federation with the support of Accomplishment Coaching leaders, and I am a better coach than I ever imagined I’d be. I also have transformed my personal life with the support of my own coach who was trained in this same program, and I have the joy of passing that experience on to my clients.