Katherine Folk-Sullivan, PCC

I work with creative people to help them build the career of their dreams.

For Artists
The passion and vulnerability that are essential for creation can sometimes seem at odds with the economic realities of working as a professional artist. I believe that your vulnerability and creativity are actually essential to your professional success. Together, we can get the negative stories (the stage fright, the writer’s block) out of your way and move you into creative action and professional success.

For Creative Professionals
Are you in the wrong field? Do you have a secret ambition that you haven’t even articulated yet? Do you suspect that you have untapped creative depths? I can help you to identify what you actually want, and to take the leap to make it happen. Let’s unlock your creativity, and get the self-doubt out of the way.

I worked for many years as a professional actor in New York City. I bring the creativity and vulnerability I practiced as an artist to my coaching. My coaching style is compassionate, focused, and honest. I live in Brooklyn with my husband, surrounded by an amazing community of artists and coaches.

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