Continuing Education

Are you ready to develop your brand identity? Are you ready to have your voice be heard? Are you ready to craft and share your message to ideal audiences? Are you ready to step up your leadership into a public forum?

Power Tools for Living Workshops

This three-hour workshop will introduce you to the growing and dynamic world of coaching and give you a hands-on experience of powerful tools to apply to the projects in your life, allowing you to achieve results beyond what you currently believe are possible.

Coaching is powerful:

  • It changes the game and how we play it.
  • Coaching challenges us to be our best and eliminates the excuses and circumstances that get in our way.

Come to this workshop to experience coaching at its highest level. In a few hours, you will feel the impact:

  • A new view of your life and what is between you and your highest level of living.
  • Clarity and expansion of your Life Purpose.
  • Shift the possibility of your life and create a real path to get there, all in one afternoon.

All of the coaches at this event were trained by Accomplishment Coaching, the finest Coaches’ Training Program in the world.

Get a chance to experience the results of that training in person and discover the impact it can have on your own life. This is your chance to take coaching for a test drive and create your own real RESULTS.

ICF credentialed coaches will receive 3 Continuing Education Credits for this workshop.

Workshop Leader Certification Course

For many years now, the Power Tools for Living (PTL) Workshop has been a flagship program of Accomplishment Coaching and a vehicle for introducing people to the power of ontological work.

Until 2017, the PTL Workshops have been exclusively run by Accomplishment Coaching as an adjunct event to the Coaches Training Programs. As of 2017, there have been a number of wonderfully successful workshop certification courses. Certified PTL Workshop Leaders are already leading PTL Workshops out in the community.


  • A tool to expand and grow your business that highlights the work you do in the most powerful way
  • The opportunity to bring ontological coaching to your own networks in a group setting
  • Mastery of certain concepts and skills that are foundational to creating possibility with your clients
  • Invaluable practice with enrollment and creating support structures for your clients
  • Learning the tools and skills to successfully market and conduct your own PTL Workshop on your schedule and in your community.
  • We’ve created a certification course to provide you with the training, skills and tools to successfully run your own PTL Workshop and further enhance your business.

The course format includes weekly zoom calls, practice, assignments, and an in-person certification day. You will master:

  • The fundamental skills to generate and lead any workshop effectively.
  • In depth training in the specific elements of the PTL Workshop: distinguishing essence as a group, discovering life’s purpose, creating a powerful project design, and empowering support structures so as to generate consistent enrollment results.
  • Leading a live PTL Workshop at a one-day in-person session with additional on the spot training and feedback from seasoned workshop leaders.
  • Upon completion of the Workshop Certification Course, you will be certified to conduct your own PTL Workshops under a licensing agreement with Accomplishment Coaching.

The Workshop Certification Course is being offered at the rate of $997. Payment programs are available.

Participation is open to Affiliates, and is limited to 20 coaches and will not be expanded.

The PTL Workshop has touched hundreds of people and profoundly impacted their lives in the process. This course will put those skills at your fingertips and that power in your hands so you can be the coach and leader you want to be in the world.


Are you ready to develop your brand identity? Are you ready to have your voice be heard? Are you ready to craft and share your message to ideal audiences? Are you ready to step up your leadership into a public forum?

It’s time to GET LOUD!

Your leadership has been trained and is continuing to evolve and grow.

Your Ontological Coaching skills have emerged and continue to be sharpened.

Your Presence on this Planet, in Community, Relationships, Cities, States, Your Country, and even the World is needed.

This 12-week Accomplishment Coaching & Accomplishment Media Leadership and Development Workshop is designed for you to learn to share coaching, your vision, hone your voice, craft your unique message, develop your public presence, and teach you the ins and outs of podcasting.

Regardless if you’ve wanted a podcast or not, we will be training your speaking, developing your message, identifying who your ideal clients are, and how to position yourself to connect with them. We will not just focus on all the doing and logistics but The Who you are being about media, podcasting, and speaking.

Are you ready to Get Loud! and be heard?

The time is now!

This is a 12-week workshop series with Six 90-minute modules, Six 90-minute Loud Labs led by Denise Yamada, PCC, Senior CTP Leader, and Emmy Award-Winning Journalist, and Alex Terranova, PCC, Author of “Fictional Authenticity”, and the Host of The DreamMason Podcast

NEW: Accomplishment Coaching Scholarship Fund
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