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The labels of Life, Business, or Executive Coach are less important than the evocative process that defines the relationship. In the world of business, a professional “expert” who provides advice and expertise would likely be seen as more of a consultant than a coach. Labeling oneself as an “Executive” or “Life” coach makes it easier for potential clients to identify the type of coach they might need – however, the coaching process is always the same. The training we provide at Accomplishment Coaching prepares students to deliver a deeper, human-level impact to their clients that supersedes their role or profession. Our training prepares graduates to coach individuals, businesses, groups, and organizations on the traits common across the human experience.

Accomplishment Coaching Organizational Initiative is the division of Accomplishment Coaching that designs and implements highly customized coaching, coach training, and leadership development programs for local, national, and multi-national organizations.  For more information, see Organizational Coaching.

Yes, extensively so. There are numerous documented benefits to working with a coach, including generating clear goals, creating a stronger personal foundation, sourcing authentic power, creating structures to fulfill your ideal future, taking action beyond your resistance, and creating more joy and satisfaction in the process. In a recent study conducted for the International Coach Federation (ICF) by PricewaterhouseCoopers, those who world with coaches reported improvements in their self-confidence, communication, relationships, and work/life balance. Additionally, 99% of those surveyed were satisfied with the coaching experience and 96% would repeat the process. For more information on this and other studies, go to the Benefits or Research Portal sections of the ICF website.

The Coaches’ Training Program requires 12, 2-day in-person training sessions – one weekend a month for the 12 months. Between these sessions, participants will work with their coach for an hour each week to maintain momentum. Participants should also expect assignments such as reading, watching movies, and various exercises to help them put the coaching tools and methodologies into practice, develop personal awareness, and build their coaching practice. These exercises between weekend sessions can also include team and partner work with other participants in the program. Participants can also expect to spend time coaching their own clients and developing their own coaching practice to the extent that they choose.

True personal transformation never comes quickly. As personal transformation is a cornerstone of our program, we assign every participant their own coach (included with tuition) so they can apply the ontological approach to all areas of their lives. This way, graduates come into their coaching relationships cleared of as many personal biases and filters as possible.  This process takes time. The 12-month window allows time for students to make the coaching practice feel like second nature. And with the fertile environment of support and collaboration to experiment, learn, and grow within, you’ll love every moment of the 12-months.

With the most in-person training hours of any ICF- accredited coach training program (216 hours over 12 months), Accomplishment Coaching offers one of the most rigorous and complete programs that ask the most out of our students. We require an elevated commitment from our students as they pursue personal and professional development – and this goes for everyone within the Accomplishment Coaching environment.  The year-long program uses a triple-focus approach: coach training, personal transformation, and launching a successful coaching practice. Our ontological, being-based approach allows us to foster deeper, more intense transformation with our students, which enables them to deliver more sustainable results to our clients. This all happens within the structure of a supportive, thriving, and diverse community of coaches from all over the world.

Ontology is the study of the nature of being. As ontological coaches, we support our clients by looking first at who they are today and who they ultimately want to be. We use these observations to determine what actions they need to take to help them achieve goals. This method results in powerful shifts at a deep level that creates impacts across all aspects of their lives. Clients find themselves in alignment with who they want to be in this world, in this life, and it drives them to act from a place of power to create sustainable results.

Formed in 1995, the International Coaching Federation is the world’s largest accrediting and credentialing body for professional coaching. With approximately 22,000 coach members in over 100 countries worldwide, the ICF accredits coach training programs (such as Accomplishment Coaching) and administers professional credentials for individual coaches. They also provide public education and facilitates research for the ever-developing coaching industry.

The International Coach Federation defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” At Accomplishment Coaching, we believe the coaching partnership is a powerful tool for producing results and supporting clients in transforming their lives.

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