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Professional Coaching

Accomplishment Coaching Organizational Initiative (ACOI), a division of Accomplishment Coaching, is a global coaching and leadership training company. Specializing in leadership development for a wide range of niche companies through highly customized one-on-one, team, and executive coaching programs.

The Facts You Can No Longer Ignore:

  • On average, 40% of a company’s annual earnings are eaten up by turnover costs. 
  • Presenteeism results in 7.5 times greater lost productivity than that from absenteeism.
  • Companies with high morale outperform their competition 2.5 to 1. 
  • Companies with highly engaged employees increased their operating income 19% and earnings per share by nearly 28% over one year.

ACOI is now offering a new Accelerated Internal Coach Training Program for employees. We are dedicated to coaching as a profession and offer our AICTP as a vehicle for your organization or business to train a cadre of internal coaches to uplift your staff and constituents. Click Here to view our brochure.

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Why Professional Coaching?

Talent and personnel are the highest cost of business for any company – we make sure your investments aren’t squandered. Think about your organization, do you experience issues with: 

  • Burnout
  • Time management
  • Career stagnation
  • Presenteeism
  • Lack of leadership development
  • Absenteeism
  • Team dynamics
  • Work-life imbalance
  • Succession planning
  • Cultural transition
  • Merger


Accomplishment Coaching Organizational Initiative

For twenty years, the skilled pros at Accomplishment Coaching Organizational Initiative (ACOI) have guided numerous organizations to a better future by providing:

  • Custom-designed leadership development programs
  • Hundreds of uniformly trained coaches and trainers
  • National, international, and global reach
  • Company-specific 360 assessments
  • Executive and leadership coaching, group, one-to-one coaching, and team coaching

We know coordinating corporate coaching and training can be a cumbersome process; this is why we have streamlined the process by delivering upwards of hundreds of highly trained and vetted coaches covering a majority of the world (including but not limited to: the US, Canada, Australia, Latin America, and Europe). Our coaches are contracted and invoiced as a group through our home office and are centrally managed and routinely evaluated during your coaching engagement—one point of contact for you to unlock endless potential.

Laura Fink
Laura Fink
Senior Program Leader

Along the way of the program I started getting clients, I was putting myself out there, I was learning so much about leadership I surprised myself and I’ve never looked back.

Accomplishment Coaching Graduate

The transformation that happened there (in the workshop) is what allowed me to be a business owner that loves what she does, connects with people, that can show up authentically everywhere I go.

Sebastian Little
Sebastian Little
Accomplishment Coaching Graduate

I think that anyone that is interested in coaching, whether it is exploring what coaching is like but also interested in being a coach could really benefit from this workshop.

Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller
Accomplishment Coaching Graduate

Accomplishment Coaching has really given me access to who I want to show up as in the world, both in my family and as a coach and really connecting with others.

Sarah Langslow
Sarah Langslow
Accomplishment Coaching Graduate

“I chose to train with Accomplishment Coaching because I wanted really excellent coach training and I wanted a level of support to grow a coaching business. When I left, I left with so much more.”

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