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Rodney Mueller
St Louis, MO
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Hi, my name is Rodney Mueller. Welcome to your journey.

Currently, I reside in Saint Louis, Missouri with my wife and two beautiful yellow Labradors. I am the founder of StL Coaching, an organization committed to supporting people in uncovering their purpose and living their best life. On my journey to uncovering my purpose as a coach, Iíve spent over 8 years as a successful sales professional in Finance and Pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, I have spent over 12 years in the Army Reserve serving in various leadership positions including a recent deployment as a Senior Drill Sergeant where I trained and coached over 500 Army Recruits.

In 2004, I graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science in Management and will be completing my Masters in Business Administration at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville in 2011. In addition, I am a 2009 graduate of the Accomplishment Coaching Coach Training Program, an ICF accredited, 12 month intensive program committed to producing the finest coaches in the world. Personally, I enjoy traveling around the world, I am an avid marathon runner and I love Cardinals baseball.

Throughout my life I have been unexplainably drawn to self improvement, leadership, and a desire to get everything possible out of life.

A few years ago I decided to acquire some formal training as a life coach so that I could serve others in a way that reflected their greatness and empowered people to go after their dream life. Having experienced the transformative power of having a coach myself, Iím committed to sharing this experience with the world. Coaching has helped me create the relationship of my dreams, become more successful in everything I do, and change my relationship to so many obstacles in my life. Iím living a more authentic life filled with joy, fulfillment and possibility.

My style of coaching is based on the premise that each person is destined for greatness, that each person is whole and capable, and that every individual simply needs to identify whatís in their way and whatís keeping them from their greatness, so that they can move forward and live the life of their dreams. If you give yourself one gift this year, why not give yourself the gift of coaching and create the possibility for achieving everything you want in life.

Contact me today for a sample coaching session and get your life moving in the direction of your dreams.

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St Louis Life Coach
Who will you BE in this life?

What will you have and CREATE?

Accomplishing your dreams doesn't happen accidentally!
It's not up to a genie in a bottle or a lottery ticket.

Whatever you are up to, where ever there is a gap, lies an opportunity to create and realize ALL of your dreams.

Will YOU be responsible for getting the SUPPORT you need to have the life you DREAM about?

Stop waiting and start playing!

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St Louis Life Coach