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Narelle Sheehan

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Narelle A. Sheehan.

B Ed (Sydney, Australia)
B Theater/Arts (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA), London, Major in Directing).

Narelle A. Sheehan is a Professional Coach who specializes in working with Creative people.

Narelle partners with you to see your possibilities. Narelle works with a lot of people getting you ready to be seen in the field of Entertainment, getting you out of Entertainment, or figuring out where you can transition too, with your skills. If you are creative you cannot fight it, so Narelle works with her coaching clients to see how they can remain creative, earn money and feel fulfilled by their talents.

Narelle is Australian born to Irish parents, whose philosophy was that the world was probably not big enough for her. She has always fostered the realization of dreams for herself, and the world around her. At 16 she was handed 2 passports and told that she better use them wisely. She was also given the gift of knowing that every day of our lives we are teaching, or we are learning, from all those we come into contact with.

Narelle attended Mount St Mary College, a teaching University in Sydney, where she majored in English, Drama, World History, Ancient History, World Religion, and Economics. Narelle then taught High school for a number of years in Sydney, before she moved to London.

She was accepted into the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) to study Directing under the very gifted tutorage of Alan Rickman, Kenneth Brannagh and Sir Ian McKellen. She also worked closely on many projects with Merchant Ivory and Narelle realizes her time at RADA was invaluable to her Entertainment background.

Next came a short stint of Directing un-paid West End, and Edinburgh Festival productions, and Narelle quickly discovered her true passion and calling in Entertainment…to be an advocate for creative people to be paid for their worth in all areas of Entertainment! She set up a Management – Production Company in Covent Garden, London, and represented actors, writers, below the line, and creative people in general. An office in Los Angeles quickly followed and then
NARELLE SHEEHAN MANAGEMENT (NSM) was set up in Sydney too.

NSM was based in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills for 15 years and Narelle loved the world of Entertainment, the people, the excitement, the pull, the parties, the deal, the agents, the yes’ and no’s. She has a list of stories to tell a mile long, but hiring her as a coach is all about you, and your new story!

Narelle has enjoyed the flexibility and challenge of Coaching and Consulting for more than 5 years. She works with people from all fields and she brings to the table all she has learnt from celebrities, Heads of corporations, people in the spotlight and those wanting something ‘different’. As well as Professional Coaching, Narelle is an expert in Corporate and Personal Branding, Sales, Networking and Image Consulting.

Narelle is not published anywhere, yet! She is finishing her book “What Bra are you Wearing?” which she hopes will be a Favorite on Oprah’s Xmas list. She will travel anywhere in the world if it is in Business class, and she loves to garden and water her plants. She loves to ride her bike fast in spin class, and slowly at the beach. Of course she loves her husband and children too!

Narelle is catalytic and challenging and a lighthouse that shines for you to see change. She is exuberant and encouraging and sees all of life as positive and bold and playful in some way. She is honest, compassionate and truthful always, and you may not like it sometimes but she is very clear. She does not believe in negative reinforcement. Narelle has a calming presence and helps you to move forward. She is a partner in this relationship. She shows you how to do the work, and that we are all here to be the team that cheers you on, as YOU find your way. She gives you hope and makes you believe anything is possible and that now you can really achieve your personal, life and career goals.

Narelle is thrilled to be an associate with the team at Accomplishment Coaching.