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Allyson Jannotta
Arlington Heights, IL
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Feeling stuck? Looking for love? Trying to be a little healthier? Maybe you just want to learn more about Accomplishment Coaches or you want to read about Allyson Jannotta. Whatever your reason … THANKS FOR CLICKING ON MY PAGE!!

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So who am I? What got me here? My name is Allyson Jannotta and I am a Leader, I am Love, Creation, Joy and Peace.

My background – I was a News Producer, a Script Supervisor, a radio personality, a founding board member for a children’s museum, a news writer, a PTA President.

I created a school garden. I give classroom presentations on art. I develop school programs. I am Plant Strong. I am part owner of a funnel cake booth. I live in Illinois, but I am a Texan. I am a mother and a wife. And … I am a Life Coach!

How did I get here? We all have a unique journey in life that leads us to our passions. I guess you could say people are my passion. Human beings can be messy, confused, misdirected. We all have that voice or the Negative Nelly in our minds that tells us we’re not good enough, or gives us reason to be afraid.

Let’s work together to get rid of that Negative Nelly. I believe that if you can transform your being, YOU can be amazing, powerful and full of possibilities. Hire me to lead you to your life’s purpose. Your possibilities really are endless.